Let SquirePhoto Capture Your Heart

There are two driving forces that guide our approach: 

First, we believe that Jamie's training as an award-winning sports photographer, one who is trusted to capture all sorts of major sporting events for top magazines and newspapers, gives him the unique ability to capture split-second moments in daily life that others tend to miss.  Whether shooting a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or portrait session, Jamie prides himself on recording that fleeting glance or special moment that evokes a certain mood or emotion. 

Second, we believe the creative process is a collaboration between us and you.  Rather than send you out the door wondering what's next, we will guide you through every step of the way.  The Squirephoto team will help you choose which pictures to enlarge and frame, which images to give as gifts, and which to use for holiday cards or calendars.  We will help design coffee table books and albums so you may have something tangible with the images from a portrait session or event.  It is not enough to have stunning pictures; we want you to be excited about showing them off to family and friends. 


Contact Jamie or Mindi for additional information or to schedule your event.